Technology Information

Technology and the Internet are vital tools for helping you find the information you need.  At Marysville Public Library, we take pride in meeting our patrons’ needs for technology access.
We have a copy machine and scanner available. We can scan documents to your email for no charge. Prices for copy and fax are as follows:
  • 8.5″x11″ black and white copies 15¢
  • 8.5″x11″ color copies 25¢
  • 8.5″x14″ (legal size) black and white 20¢
  • 8.5″x14″ (legal size) color 50¢
  • 11″x17″ (oversize) black and white 25¢
  • 11″x17″ (oversize) color $1.00
  • to send a fax within the US: 50¢ per page (15¢ for confirmation of delivery, optional)
  • to receive a fax: 25¢ per page
Marysville Public Library offers FREE wi-fi.  The password required to connect to our broadband wireless network is “marysville” (all lower case, no quotation marks).  Please note that our wireless network is unsecured, and by accessing it, you accept the terms and agreements of usage. If you would like to see the internet policy, please ask at the circulation desk or find it in our policy manual by clicking HERE.  If you’d like to know more about how to protect your information while using a public, unsecured network, read more at
Also available for in-house check-out is a Windows PC laptops installed with Windows 10, Internet browsers, MS Office, and Adobe Reader. To check out a laptop (with mouse and case), just ask for one at the circulation desk.  Patrons are required to have a Marysville Public Library card to check the laptop out. You will then be asked to leave valid identification, such as your driver’s license, to be returned to you once you check the computer back into the circulation desk.
Eight PC desktop computers are available for your use; simply sign in with a staff member for an available computer. These computers do not require a library card to use. Children six years or younger must have an adult with them at the computer.
For KIDS! Yes, we have computers for you too!  Three touch-screen Early Learning Stations with mice, keyboards, and headphones are located in the center of the library. Parents, learn more about their fun and educational value at the AWE Learning website.
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