How to Request an Item Through InterLibrary Loan Online

You may submit an “InterLibrary Loan Request (ILL Request)” (for books, audio books, or videos) online in one of two ways.

Option #1: To fill out and submit a form online click on this form (ILL_Form).  When it loads, do not fill it on the website, but RIGHT-CLICK AND SAVE to your desktop. From there you may enter your information and save your updated file. Simply send it in an email as an attachment to us at

Option #2: Follow these steps to submit your own request.  Please be aware that your online request is still reviewed and officially submitted by library staff.  Multiple reasons may create a need for us to submit a different request for the same material on your behalf and the original request deleted. We work diligently to get the materials you want and need!  Please call (785) 562-2491 or email us at the library at if you have any questions.

1: Go to the Marysville Public Library’s catalog here.

2: Log in on the top right-hand side. Use your library card number and your password. If you have never logged on before, your temporary password is “userpass”. Click here for more information. If you don’t know your card number or password, ask at the front desk OR call (785) 562-2491 and someone can assist you. You can search without logging in, but if you wish to place a hold, request an InterLibrary Loan, or search one of the available databases, it is easier to log in first.login screen with arrow


3. When doing an ILL search, it often works better to search by Author, Title, and/or Subject. Instead of using the box on the top part of the screen for searches, click on the ‘Advanced’ Search button.

advanced search with arrow

In the Advanced Search screen, the first tab showing is the ‘Search Terms’ tab.

Type your first search term. If you desire, you can narrow your search by changing the next two drop-down menus. Click on ALL of these words and change to specify your search terms. You may also change All Headings to something more specific as well, such as Title or Author. You can click on Add Another Search Option to add another search term.


advanced search tab with Always WatchingHere, the search is for ‘Always Watching’ by Chevy Stevens.


4. Click the search button on the right-hand side to confirm Marysville Public Library doesn’t have the item. If the search returns a result of ‘no items found’, click on the ‘Modify Search’ link to return to your search.

no records found with arrow


5. Click on the ‘Resources’ tab and check the box next to ‘InterLibrary Loan’. This will select the libraries through which ILL is available.

selecting ILL with arrow

Then click on the ‘Search’ button on the right to start your search.

6. The search will show the results in ‘gallery’ view. You can choose which listing format is the best for you by clicking on the ‘list’ or ‘grid’ button at the top right-hand portion of your screen.

Always Watching search results

7. With some searches, there are several formats available for your items. This search shows 18 books, 7 large print books, 2 eBooks, 3 AudioBook CDs and 1 AudioBook Player. It is worth mentioning that the second record that appears is a book from an author NOT searched for, but with the same title.
8. Click on one of the pictures to go to an individual record. Once you are there, you can request this item by clicking on the button at the top right.

request this item with arrows

9. When the box pops up, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW YOUR INFORMATION. Confirm your contact information is correct. If it is not, please correct it or go to the front desk for info

10. Press ‘Submit’. You should now see a confirmation screen. You may print this for your records if desired.

request submitted

11. You are done! If you desire to check on the status of your ILL, you may go to the ‘My Account’ at the top right-hand portion of your screen, right by the card holder’s name.


please call 785-562-2491 for assistance.